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Biotechnology & Vaccines

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Growth Engine for the Bio & Vaccine Industry

Establishment of a national vaccine industry cluster

  • 2016-2020, Andong, KRW 186.5 billion, establishment of an animal cell testing
    support center
    (a control tower at the national level)

Aptamer basis project for medical diagnosis

  • 2017-2025, Pohang, KRW 15 billion, equipment construction, prototype development, etc.

Establishment of medical mold R&BD base

  • 2013-2017, Yeongcheon, KRW 31.9 billion, manufacture of equipment for the center, technological development, commercialization support, etc.

Medical textile and materials industry vitalization project

  • 2016-2021, Gyeongsan, KRW 45 billion, establishment of a medical tech plaza

Establishment of a foundation for improving reliability of ocular lenses

  • 2015-2019, Gyeongsan, KRW 21.2 billion, establishment of a convergence technology center, manufacture of equipment, etc.

Andong Bio-Industry Valley

Creation of Gyeongbuk Bio Industrial Complex

  • Location: Pungsan-eup area in Andong-si (floor area: 941,000 m2)
  • Types of businesses: Vaccine production, oriental medicine biotech, eco-friendly
    agriculture and food

Bio Venture Plaza

  • Location: within Gyeongbuk Bio Industrial Complex (land: 27,000 m2, buildings: 6,000 m2)
  • Main functions: Good Manufacturing Practice facilities and equipment and apartment-type factories for health functional foods

Gyeongbuk Institute for Bio Industry

  • Location: Songcheon-dong, Andong-si (land: 33,000 m2, buildings: 8,000 m2)
  • Tenant businesses: about 100 employes in 27 companies
  • Research areas: Plant-related bioindustry, functional foods, biotechology, etc.

Pohang Bio-Industry Valley

POSTECH Biotech Center

  • Location: at POSTECH in Pohang-si
  • Research facilities: Biotech Center, Life Science Building, Chemistry Building
  • Research areas: Molecular medicine, nano and plant biotechnology
  • Partnered at home and abroad with professional bioengineering institutes and
    global companies

Pohang Technopark

  • Location: Jigok-dong, Pohang-si
  • Size: Land: 187,000 m2, Buildings: 64,000 m2
  • Tenant businesses: 450 employees in 59 companies
  • Major projects: Joint R&D projects, fostering of startups, and training
  • Operation of a bioinformatics construction center: establishing and providing equipment and
    - facilities for testing biomaterial efficacy

K-Beauty Convergence Cluster

Period: 2015-2019 / 5 years

Location: Yugok-dong area in Gyeongsan-si

Global Cosmetics Center: Establishment of industrial infrastructure

  • Size: Land: 8,508 m2, total floor area: 4,600 m2 (1 underground and 3 aboveground floors)
  • Project budget: KRW 20 billion (national: KRW 10 billion, provincial: KRW 3 billion, city: KRW 7 billion)
  • Cosmetic product testbed, joint technological development, and support for companies

Global Cosmetics Valley : An industrial complex specializing in cosmetics

  • 40 businesses; complex floor area: 1.65 million m2
  • Vitalization of advancement into overseas markets: Establishment of an integrated K-Beauty platform and support for marketing

Major Investors