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Future-oriented Automotive Parts

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Favorable Investment Conditions

Convenient access for automobile manufacturers: within 1 hour

  • Automobile manufacturers: Hyundai (Ulsan), Renault Samsung (Busan), GM (Changwon)

Convenient logistics

  • Easy to send overseas through international ports in Busan, Ulsan, and Pohang

Professional manpower for the automotive industry

  • Five universities, including Yeungnam University

Establishment of a Global Supply Base for Automotive Parts

Nations largest industrial cluster for automotive parts

  • 55,000 employees in 1,163 companies, 29 companies with KRW 100 billion in sales (27% of the total number nationwide)

Formation of a wide area mechatronics cluster

  • Parts (Gyeongju, Yeongcheon, Gyeongsan), steel and machines (Pohang, Gyeongju), electrics and electronics (Gumi)

An R&D and manufacutirng base for intelligent vehicles and hybrid automobile parts

Concentration of research institutes in the automotive industry
value chain


  • Gyeongbuk Green Car Parts Institute (Gyeongsan), Gyeongbuk Hybrid Technology
    Institute (Yeongcheon)
  • Pohang Institute of Metal Industry Advancement (Pohang), Advanced Automotive
    Inspection Technology Research Center (Gimcheon)

Unit Parts

  • Gyeongbuk Research Institute of Vehicle Embedded Technology (Yeongcheon), Mechatronics Center (Daegu)

Module Parts

  • Gyeongbuk Institute of IT Convergence Industry Technology (GITC), Mechatronics Parts Center

Major Investors

Foreign Companies

Korean Companies