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Leading Koreas low-carbon, green growth

Domestic production of clean energy and green technologies

New engine for growth and jobs Promoting green energy policies and the best R&D and technological manpower

Major Energy Policies

Establishing an East Sea Energy Cluster

  • Period: 2006-2021 (15 years)
  • Budget: KRW 4.4 trillion
  • Location: Pohang (hydrogen fuel cells), Gyeongju (nuclear energy),
    Yeongdeok (wind energy), Uljin (marine energy)
  • Details: Establish specialized energy clusters by region

Attracting Leading Industries in the Wide Area Economic Region

  • Green energy: Solar PV system parts and materials, and hydrogenfuel cells
  • IT convergence: Mobile convergence, medical equipment, and intelligent robots
    - Provide maximum KRW 5 billion for each company selected for an R&D project;
    establish an East Sea energy cluster

Establishing a New & Renewable Energy Testbed

  • Hydrogen fuel cells: Pohang area
  • Solar PV: Gumi area
  • International photovoltaic module testing and certification body: Yeungnam University
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Major Investors

Foreign Companies

Korean Companies