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Smart Devices

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Developing the Smart Device Industry into an Engine for Growth

Wearable smart devices

  • 2016-2020, Gyeongsan, KRW 127.2 billion, parts and materials, equipment construction, technological development, etc.

Establishing a foundation for the next-generation resonant wireless power transfer (WPT) industry

  • 2016-2020, Gyeongsan, KRW 19.2 billion, international standard certification, testing and evaluation centers, etc.

Establishing a foundation for the electronic medical device industry

  • 2011-2017, Gumi, KRW 121.4 billion, support for development of electronic medical technology

Establishing a manufacturing and convergence testbed for the Internet of Things (IoT)

  • 2015-2018, Gumi, KRW 10.9 billion, equipment construction, establishment of a technology certification system, etc.

Fostering the high-power laser industry

  • 2015-2020, Pohang, KRW 200 billion, core technology development and equipment construction

A World-Leading Center for the Digital Industry

Mobile Convergence Technology Center (Gumi)

  • Mobile convergence industry R&D, establishment of comprehensive production governance

LED-IT Fusion Technology Research Center (Gyeongsan)

  • IT, development of display light sources, manpower training, etc.

R&D facilities

  • Mobile Convergence Technology Center, Gumi Electronics & Information Technology Research Institute, and Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science & Technology

Strategic Fostering of the Robot Convergence Industry

Regional division of roles

  • Pohang - industrial use, Gumi - domestic use, Yeongcheon - national defense use

Underwater Construction Robot Project

  • 2013-2019, 9,910 m2 of area in the Yeongilman Bay 3rd General Industrial Complex, KRW 81.3 billion
    - Testing complex, development of underwater precision technology for construction robotics

National Safety Robot Project

  • 2016-2021, 19,800 m2 of area in the Yeongilman Bay 3rd General Industrial Complex, KRW 71 billion
    - Development of disaster-response robots, establishment of a testing complex

Foundation for Fostering & Developing Key Areas in 3D Printing

Establishment of the Korea Additive Manufacturing Innovation Center(KAMIC)

  • 2014-2019, within Geumo Techno Valley in Gumi, KRW 19 billion
  • 4 aboveground floors, total floor area: 3,880 m2
  • Focusing on smart molding, R&D, support for companies, etc.

Establishment of a biometal 3D printing research center

  • 2015-2019, within Korea Institute of Robot & Convergence (Pohang)
  • 2 buildings, total floor area: 572 m2
  • Focusing on biomaterials and specialty metal materials, R&D, support for companies

We are creating a 3D printing industry belt in connection with specialized local areas and centers in Gumi and Pohang.

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