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Titanium & Carbon Materials

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Integrated Carbon Molding & Parts Industry Cluster

2017-2021, KRW 508.5 billion, 661,000 m2 area within Gumi High-Tech Valley

Carbon Parts Commercialization Center, Molding & Recycling Center, Hybrid Parts Complex

Establishment of a Carbon Industry Fund (2016-2025, KRW 10 billion)

Securing a foundation for development of the carbon industry; establishing a carbon industry belt through Gumi, Gyeongsan, and Pohang

Promoting R&D projects with potential for early commercialization; establishing a support system for companies (technologies)

New Titanium Industry Belt

2016-2024, KRW 200 billion, throughout Gyeongsangbuk-do
(centered on Pohang)

Technological Development

  • Development: Titanium Promotion & Support Center

Industrial Ecosystem

  • Designated testing and certification centers, creating industrial complexes for specific industries and a comprehensive solution center, forster manpower


  • Recycling centers, Titanium Industry Research Center (promotion center), etc.

Major Investors

Foreign Companies

Korean Companies