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Industrial Infra and HR

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An Extensive Metropolitan Transportation Network & Logistics Infrastructure



  • KTX: From Seoul to Gimcheon or Gumi (90 mins),
    Daegu (102 mins), Singyeongju (127 mins),
    and Pohang (135 mins)
  • A double track on the Jungang Line and rail networks
    constructed for Donghae Jungbu Line and Jungbu Naeryuk


  • Eight expressways connecting every region in the nation
  • A web-like transportation network consisting of national
    roads (20) and regional roads (49)


  • Daegu International Airport (8 international routes to
    3 countries) and Pohang Airport
  • Flights between Daegu International Airport and
    Incheon International Airport (2 per day)


  • No. of Vessels: 54 (New Port: 38, Old Port: 9,
    Yeongilman Port: 7)
  • Four international container ports within an hour
    (Busan International Port, Busan Port, Ulsan Port, Masan Port)

Logistics Infrastructure

  • Yeongnam Inland Cargo Base (located in Chilgok)
    - General Cargo: 3.57 million tons/year, Containers: 330,000 TEUs/year

Excellent Residential Conditions and Diverse Tourism & Leisure Options

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Pleasant Residential Environment

  • Convenience facilities : Convenient infrastructure including banking and shopping
    facilities as well as government offices
  • Educational facilities : Excellent universities (POSTECH, Kyungpook National University,
    etc.) and an international school(Daegu)
  • Medical facilities : A great medical environment with 19 general hospitals and
    2,600 medical clinics and other facilities
  • Natural surroundings: Pleasant environment with plenty of parks that encourage

Tourism & Leisure Activities with Cultural Experiences

  • Confucian Culture : Andong Hahoe Folk Village, Dosanseowon Confucian Academy, Yeongju Seonbichon Village, etc.
  • Silla Dynasty Culture : Gyeongju Bulguksa Temple, Yangdong Village, Bomun Tourist Complex, etc.
  • Gaya Dynasty Culture : Goryeong Daegaya Culture Valley, Tumulus Exhibition Hall, etc.

Abundant Human Resources & Stable Labor-Management Relations

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Abundant Human Resources

  • Approx. 60,000 graduates annually from 48 universities in the Gyeongsangbuk-do
    and Daegu area
    (second only to the Seoul Metropolitan Area)
  • 51 vocational high schools training job-ready workers
  • Easy to procure skilled engineers in diverse fields
    - POSTECH (advanced materials), Kyungpook Univ. (electronics), Keimyung Univ.
    (automobiles), Daegu Haany Univ.(oriental medicine), Yeungnam Univ.
    (machines, textile), DGIST, etc.

Excellent R&D Foundation

  • Public research institutes and technology research centers to support company R&D efforts
    - 18 public research institutes, 42 research centers affiliated with universities, company research centers, etc.
  • R&D infrastructure established through collaboration between industry, universities, research institutes, and government

Stable Labor-Management Relations & Assistance with Business Problem Solving

  • Stable labor-management relations maintained since the Labor-Management Peace Declaration of 2007
  • Administrative support provided to help businesses resolve problems
    - Visiting Program and a "Happy Monitor" program in operation.

The Best Municipality for Businesses (2013, Korea Chamber of Commerce)