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More Opportunities, Better Investment Conditions : The sussessful investment of company, with gyeongsangbuk-do


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Duties & Responsibilities
Head of the
Promotion Office
Joongha Hwang +82-54-880-3060 Coordinate overall investment attraction activities. james149@korea.kr
Promotion Team
Janghwan Seo +82-54-880-4610 Develop investment attraction master plan. jhseo0205@korea.kr
KyoungHo An +82-54-880-4611 Develop investment attraction plan for strategic projects. angh1013@korea.kr
Boksoon Kim +82-54-880-4612 Provide support for the Free Economic Zone Authority. kbs950@korea.kr
Yegyeong Lee +82-54-880-4613 PR activities for investment attraction. gyeong5337@korea.kr
Bongjun Kim +82-54-880-4614 Budget, accounting, and general affairs. kbjsky3319@korea.kr
Foreign Company
Promotion Team
Yonggu Lee +82-54-880-4616 Coordinate activities to attract investments from foreign companies. yong00209@korea.kr
Yongchul Kim +82-54-880-4617 Set and manage Foreign Investment Zones 153yong@korea.kr
Sanghyun Kim 82-54-880-4618 Attract investments from foreign-invested companies. kshlion27@korea.kr
Seungki Kim +82-54-880-4619 Manage investment performance of foreign-invested companies. benkim@korea.kr
Manufacturing Industry
Promotion Team
Sangyeol Jang +82-54-880-4620 Coordinate activities to attract investments from Korean companies. jangsy@korea.kr
Pilgyu Lim +82-54-880-4621 Attract investments from Korean companies. limpg@korea.kr
John Chung +82-54-880-4622 Set and manage Investment Attraction Promotion Zones. johnchung@korea.kr
Jungmo Yun +82-54-880-4623 Provide subsidies for Korean company investors. lackof2pro@korea.kr
Service Industry
Promotion Team
Kiho Nam +82-54-880-4624 Coordinate activities to attract investments in the service industry. true@korea.kr/a>
Seunghui Yu +82-54-880-4625 Attract investments in the service industry. ywindy96@korea.kr
Sugeun Lee +82-54-880-4626 Attract investments in the service industry. sarosand@gb.go.kr
Sanghun Seok +82-54-880-4615 Provide support for investment attraction in the service industry. hoon6063@korea.kr
Support Team
Insoo Hwang +82-54-880-4627 Coordinate support activities for investors hisoo2000@korea.kr
Heeroc Yun +82-54-880-4628 Support and manage investors. autoroc@korea.kr
Jeongae Lee +82-54-880-4629 Receive and process issues and complaints from investors. ljae@korea.kr